With our webcast solutions, we’re able to meet your special requirements: You can broadcast your townhall meetings on the internet or you can conduct staff trainings company-wide by means of our vServer. vInteract, our interactive solution for your computer and smartphone, helps you to get valuable feedback from your target group.

Moreover, you can produce livestreams on your own with the help of our vCaster and via the vsonix-CDN hosted vPlayer. This player opens up the possibility of a synchronous presentation of the speaker and his/her slides, it is easily adaptable to your personal Corporate Identity, and can be integrated on your website. It is available for computer and iOS respectively Android-devices and has several chapters of navigation and a full-text search by intuition.

vBook is an interactive video manual with fully searchable content for your tablet, smartphone and computer.

Our supply of solutions contains:

  • vPlayer, the interactive webcast player with synchronous presentation of the speaker and his/her slides
  • vCaster, the solution to live streaming production and recording
  • vServer, our webcast server solution for your intranet
  • vInteract, our interactive app with question and voting features
  • vBook, the fully searchable video manual
  • mediabox, the social media meeting point for your event

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