vBook presents an innovative solution for companies to illustrate new products, software and business processes by combining several video tutorials into one interactive application.

Its framework is based on vsonix’ vPlayer technology, so that chapter navigation and fulltext-search based on our video index allows users to find specific information quickly and effectively. This indexation can be done by using 16/48 October 2013 already available content such as manuals, tutorials or automatically by speech and OCR detection.

It can be integrated into any website by offering a Flash based or HTML5 based version as well as a stand-alone app for mobile devices.

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For an individual consulting on the use of our video services contact us:

vsonix GmbH
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64295 Darmstadt

e-Mail: webcast@vsonix.com
Tel: +49-(0)6151-493050
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// Features //

  • Conception of structure and content by our experts
  • Recording of the content with professional image and audio technology
  • Recording on-site at your place or in our studio
  • Creation of a video index for a chapter navigation and full-text search
  • Retrieval of your video manual on your website
  • Production of a manual app for mobile iOS and Android systems
  • Possibility of adaption to your website

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