vInteract serves as a connection between live stream viewers and speakers, as it enables direct communication between all participants.

It is accessible from all major desktop and mobile platforms and can serve as a second screen application during an event. By offering a chat module, viewers can discuss topics during a presentation or ask questions. Because this happens in real-time, speakers can directly approach these questions and answer them immediately.

Furthermore a TED function amplifies this interactive experience by integrating viewers directly into a talk or presentation. Because it is accessible from mobile devices, vInteract could be used as a stand-alone-application, serving as a second screen for on-site participants.

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// Features //

  • Feedback channel on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone with a chat-and-survey feature
  • Feedback channel adaptable to the CI of your company or event
  • Usage on your mobile devices parallel to the running stream
  • Feedback channel also usable on-site at in-house events to involve your audience
  • Feedback channel easily retrievable via your browser
  • Moderation tool to manage incoming questions
  • Recording service to display the TED poll results respectively in the presentation of the speaker

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