vServer is our solution that enables live streaming and distribution of rich media content within enterprise networks. Due to the high bandwidth demand that accompanies the introduction of webcasts in companies, the integration of vServers is your solution to avoid network bottlenecks during a live stream.

It is designed to handle webcast media streams and is scalable via load-balanced clustering of single server machines. This ensures a flexible scalability regarding the number of potential parallel viewers.

vServer is based on vsonix webcast technology and includes vPlayer, vManager and vInteract.

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For an individual consulting on the use of our video services contact us:

vsonix GmbH
Havelstr. 16
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e-Mail: webcast@vsonix.com
Tel: +49-(0)6151-493050
Fax: +49-(0)6151-4930504

// Features //

  • Quadcore Intel Xeon including 4GB RAM
  • Webcast-backend including streaming server for RTMP and HLS streaming, as well as web server
  • Individual adaption to your network infrastructure
  • Load balancing at several servers
  • Remote administration (e.g via Citrix Terminal Gateway) by vsonix
  • Easy integration in your existing rack-system

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