Whether you are hosting a conference, fair, or sporting and cultural event: due to our extensive experience in events, we know exactly what to look out for while recording. Our experienced camera teams attend your event with multiple cameras and live direction. With our livestreaming services, we broadcast the recorded images safely, reliably and live (not simultaneously) on the internet for thousands of viewers. Documenting an event with clips and interviews helps you to keep sustainable records of your event and leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, a trailer will enable you to draw attention to your event in advance. While recording meetings, we film both the speaker and their slides to create an interactive online presentation afterwards.

Your benefits

  • Recordings with multiple cameras and live direction
  • Recordings of presentations directly via image signal of the event
  • Reviewing and processing of the presentations in an interactive webcast with slide navigation and full-text search
  • Compilation of the presentations in an on-demand media library
  • Mobile camera teams that record impressions and interviews
  • Trailer to promote your event
  • Event documentary produced by our editors
  • Live streaming of events for thousands of viewers
  • Production of movies on fairs

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Event Documentary

In an event documentary, we shoot the highlights of your event or fair. Our mobile camera teams record the most important moments, conduct interviews with attendees and speakers, and collect extracts of symposia and talks.

Post-production happensimmediately: The finishedproduct can alreadybe uploaded to your website and is accessible through our vPlayer. Alternatively, we can provide production for your other online channels such as youtube.

Recordings of Talks

An important part of our service is the recording of talks during scientific conferences, with professional video technology. The presentation slides are simultaneously recorded via the image signal of the local presentation technology. This guarantees a running process and requires little preparation before the actual recording.

Our fast image-editing allows us to upload presentations the following day, making them accessible as soon as possible. The recorded presentations can be upgraded to an interactive webcast with slide navigation and full-text search. All final products are available on your website with the help of our vPlayer.

Event Trailer

A trailer from us draws attention to your event in advance and increase the number of subscribers. It helps you give a first impression of the idea, quality and ambience of your event. Our team puts your event into the right light. To do so, we shoot impressive pictures of the event as well as sound bites from speakers, exhibitors and visitors. The trailer is complemented with music and supplemented with title graphics and animations. Our professional speakers communicate your key messages clearly and effectively.


A timelapse recording of your event helps you document the progression of everything from beginning to end, giving your customers an impression of your work. For larger events, you can retain impressive clips that show your technology, logistics and organization skills. Our service includes the installation of several weatherproof HD cameras, and editing which includes the final cut of the finished timelapse.

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