With our live streaming service, you can reach viewers all over the world. Our vsonix Content Delivery Network (CDN) always guarantees a stable and secure broadcast of your live streams in outstanding quality - for thousands of spectators at the same time!

Our camera team shoots the right images with one or more cameras, creating a first-class image from different points of view. While recording presentations, we also record the speaker’s slides and integrate them in the stream as a split screen. To involve the viewer, our live chat application vInteract allows an interactive live streaming with a question and voting feature.

To watch the live stream on your website or facebook profile, you can use our vPlayer. Its design can easily be adapted to your specific corporate design. On top of that, a retrieval of the stream is possible in different quality levels with your computer or smartphone.

Your benefits

  • Booking of several cameras or streaming only
  • Streaming for thousands of people worldwide with the help of a direct glass fibre connection at De-CIX
  • No dependance on other suppliers like Youtube due to our own server
  • Admission control and display of login numbers
  • Broadcast via a broadcasting van if there is poor network connection
  • Video player adaptable to your design
  • Broadcasting in different quality levels for your computer or smartphone
  • Inclusion of speaker’s slides through an image signal
  • Live chat with question and voting features
  • Secure live streaming to the intranet with the full- service vServer with one camera
  • Fullservice with a camera from 1199,- Euro

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Do you want to broadcast your company event or employee training live on the intranet and reach all of your employees directly at the workplace?

With our products vServer and vCaster, we enable live streams in your organization's intranet. Together with your IT department, we analyze the existing infrastructure and find solutions to reach thousands of employees via live stream. Your users will have the opportunity to participate in a questionnaire survey and function with valuable feedback through our interactive application vInteract.


Whether conferences, sports events or cultural events: Our experienced teams record events different types of events such as conferences, concerts or sports events with multiple cameras and live direction, ensuring a first class and varied coverage of the event. Either stationary HD cameras, mobile camera units with radio transmission, or flying Quadrocopter cameras can be used.

At conference lectures we synchronously record the speaker and the slides of the presentation via the image signal of the presentation technology available locally. Thus, we ensure a smooth process and minimal preparation for the recording. The recorded, and via our live-direction processed, image can be broadcasted on monitors at the event location as well as live on the internet. Additionally, our mobile teams collect impressions and interviews for trailers or documentaries.

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