Our image films help you to present your company, your products and your main projects in an attractive way and enable you to reach your stakeholders on all of your relevant social media channels with one video.

In cooperation with you, our editors develop a proper video concept. On that basis, we can produce your image film with core statements about your company in high-quality. Furthermore, because of our technical know-how, we are able to explain and communicate difficult topics to make them easier to understand.

As an affordable first step, we offer short video portraits for your website or your general video communication, such as your youtube channel. The 60-90 second teasers are an ideal instrument for drawing potential clients’ attention to your enterprise and current projects.

Your benefits

  • Image-, product-, and project films in an attractive HD-cinema-look
  • Support from our editors: from the briefing, to the corporate conception, up to the actual recording and post-production
  • Flexibility of recording at your own company or in our studio
  • Voice-over by our professional speakers
  • Linking the content to your social media channels
  • Retrieval of the videos with the help of our vPlayer, specifically adapted to your website’s design
  • Production opportunities all over Germany

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Image Film

With our image films, we draw optimal attention to you. The portrait of your company, your new projects, or your products, support you in a simple and attractive way to improve your public image.

Our team produces high-quality recordings with impressions of your work. Through interviews with your management, your project managers, or your customers, your messages become alive and tangible.

With an animation created by us, even complex issues are easy to communicate.

Through musical support and professional speakers, we create a pleasant feeling which keeps the film exciting for your viewers.

Video Portrait

Consisting of an interview and impressions of your work, a portrait film is an affordable and attractive way to introduce your company or projects quickly and easily. The short 60-90 second film supports you by presenting your company’s personality on your homepage or social media channels/outlets, such as Facebook or Youtube. It illustrates what you do and conveys a personal impression to your stakeholders. Adapted graphics added to your design create a special look, making your presentation unique and memorable.

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