By means of our high quality product films or an online presentation as a webcast, you can outline the advantages of your products and services, gaining new and steady clients. The recording of the content can take place either at your company or in our green screen studio in Darmstadt.

Furthermore, you can train your staff effectively with an interactive audio and video webcast including a slide navigation, full-text search, and (on demand) integrated success monitoring.

Our interactive and searchable video manuals for your computer and mobile devices help your clients to understand the different features and functions of your products. Additionally, you can easily communicate the potential of your products and services with our HD recorded and animated explanatory movies.

Your benefits

  • Production of product films and webcasts to support your customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Effective training of your staff with interactive webcasts, including integrated slide navigation and success monitoring
  • Explanatory films - also as a chart and diagram animation or with handlegetrick
  • Interactive video manuals with full text-search
  • Writing of a concept by our educated technical editors
  • Recording of the content in studio quality
  • Flexible design with our green screen studio and individual screen graphics
  • Interactive webcast production from 1199,- euro

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An interactive webcast with a synchronous presentation of the speaker and his slides can be used in many fields of application, from the introduction of your products and services to lead generation or the training of your employees.

The content can either be recorded on-site in your company or in our green screen studio in Darmstadt. Because of the professional light and sound technology and the options of flexible backgrounds and graphic designs, we adapt the webcast to your individual corporate design.

Finally, the finished webcasts can be retrieved interactively with our vPlayer, which provides the content with integrated slide navigation, full-text search and (on demand) success monitoring for applications in the fields of education. Moreover, the vPlayer can be adapted to your specific design and directly integrated to your website.

If required, the content can be produced in cooperation with professional translators and speakers. It can also be adjusted to other languages with subtitles.

Explanation Movies

Whether for further education for your employees or for introducing new products to your customers, an educational film is an ideal medium to convey complex issues in a simple way. The fields of educational films are diverse, ranging from language courses to the prototypical sales talk for your account manager.

Together with you we will produce the appropriate content for each application. We support you in the development of the didactic concept and the scriptwriting. The contents of your educational film will be recorded with professional video equipment. These include hands-on-trainings and the recording of played situations such as sales or consulting talks with several cameras. On request, we can hire professional actors for your educational films. In addition to standard formats, we can also produce an animated explanatory film which can convey complex information simply and quickly.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials enable you to explain your products, software or business processes in an easy and affordable way.

In preparation of the production, our content creators make a concept for the tutorial including the structure and content parts in coopoeration with you. The recording in HD-quality can be either done at your company or in our Green Screen studio in Darmstadt. If requested, we can surely provide the content with the help of our vPlayer for your PC, mobile devices and your individual website. Moreover, our vPlayer offers a interactive chapter navigation and full-text search. Therefore, it opens up the possibility of easily and effectively search for specific information.

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