In addition to supplying video productions and solutions, we generate individual software solutions for our customers. Vsonix has gained much research- and development experience over the past few years, especially regarding image and video processing, and the development of mobile apps and webservice solutions. Vsonix works on the conception and implementation of innovative applications and SaaS-solutions in the fields of video production and distribution on your computer and mobile platforms. Furthermore, our portfolio includes the development of State-of-the-Art technology for an automatic processing subscription and sharing image and video data.

A main field of our work is intelligent image and video processing. This includes the progress of intelligent camera systems to recognize, classify and follow objects and people. Additionally, it includes the process of generating a panorama video with several cameras as well as the semantic analysis of image and video data, providing an automatic structure and tagging of the content.

A further feature of our know-how is the implementation of native and HTML5 based applications for iOS and Android operating systems, including the matching webservice solution. We always work hand-in-hand with our customers to achieve an individual software solution.

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// Overview //

Intelligent video processing

Our know-how in video processing contains the development and operation to gain metadata with semantic information gathered from image and video data. For our web services and webcast production, we use our own process for the automatic detection of slide transitions in presentations and video talks, as well as an extraction of the text on a slide with the aid of a video-OCR system. In that way, the video index that is created enables extensive navigation and search options in our vPlayer.

On top of that, we have an intelligent video processing method, including an image-based detection of people, respective objects, and the classification and robust tracking of single humans and objects in the video. On this basis, we also work with an intelligent camera for the recording of presentations at meetings and webinars. This camera will be able to recognize and follow the referent automatically with the help of a person detection and tracking system.

Mobile applications

Another service we offer in software development is the creation of new and innovative media applications on mobile devices, as well as the implementation of the belonging, web-based back-end-solutions. Vsonix is a service provider for HTML-based mobile applications that are independent from a system. Moreover, we work on native applications vor iOS and Android software systems. Our portfolio includes reader applications with extensive search options, interactive video manuals with complete annotated and searchable video content, as well as innovative mobile video applications.