An important field of application/use of our webcast services and solutions is the education and training sector. This sector includes the production of interactive webcasts and educational films for internal staff development, as well as the implementation of enterprise-wide live trainings using our vCaster and vServer.

Additionally, we offer the production of interactive webinars for further education as well as the the recording and live broadcast of scientific conferences and lectures.

With the help of our vPlayer and its innovative chapter navigation and search function, the produced and for you hosted learning contents can be experienced interactively. It is available for computers and smartphones.

Our services and solutions are suitable for all event areas, among them:

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// Highlights //

  • Company-wide training courses and live webinars via internet and intranet with our products vCaster, vServer and vInteract
  • Educational videos and animated explanatory films to represent/break down complex processes and issues
  • Interactive webcasts with chapter navigation, full text search and on request/(on request) integrated success control
  • Live broadcasting and the recording of scientific conferences and lectures

// Overview //

Personal Development in companies

In the area of ​​staff development, we offer an extensive range of services and solutions for companies: From the production of audio and video webcasts on-site or in our studio, to the hosting of all the video content, to integrating this content in existing online learning management systems through the vsonix CDN, or on the intranet via our vServer.

With this server, company-wide training courses and webinars with thousands of employees can be accomplished simultaneously. Furthermore, we produce educational films and animated explanatory films to illustrate your internal processes. Our vPlayer allows the interactive retrieval of content with chapter navigation, full-text search and (on demand) integrated success control.

Training and Education

We give educational content providers such as professional and trade associations, trainers, and workshop and seminar organizers the opportunity to provide teaching content live and interactively on the internet. Whether through online webinars, interactive online presentations, animated explanatory films or elaborately produced teaching films: We always find the right package for the educational content. The produced webcasts can be hosted via the vsonix CDN and can be integrated easily on your website with the help of the adapted vPlayer, to your design.

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Conferences and Lectures

For organizers of scientific conferences, we have a diverse range of offers: From the recording of individual presentations, to the live broadcast of entire events, to several thousand spectators. With the help of our application vInteract for smartphones and PC users, you can participate in the event interactively on-site or at home with a comfortable question and voting feature. In addition to that, we offer the possibility of involving individual speakers in other locations by video conferences or online presentations during the event.

Moreover, colleges and universities have the possibility to record their lectures with our vCaster system, and to upload them online via the vsonix CDN.

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