Our interactive online-meetings combine our intranet live streaming with the interactive application vInteract. This allows the interaction of participants through questionnaires, chat and voting features.

Therefore, interactive events such as virtual staff meetings, town hall meetings or sales briefings can be realized in your company. Even online events, such as interactive parliamentary sessions with public participation or press and analyst conferences, are ​​possible.

Whether as a complete package including a camera team or as your own planned production with our vCaster, vInteract and vServer: We always find the right solution for every requirement and every budget.

Your benefits

  • Interactive assemblies and conferences as online-meetings
  • Professional webinars in a high studio quality
  • Scalable and safe transmission of data with the help of our server on the internet or your intranet
  • Full-service including a camera team or convenient self-production with our webcast solutions
  • Connecting of several locations at once
  • Valuable feedback from your participants with our interactive live chat with question and voting features
  • Participant registration and access control
  • Analysis of login numbers including a report

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// Overview //


With our interactive online-meetings, you can arrange staff meetings as virtual town hall meetings. Therefore, you can contact your whole crew without spending a lot of time and money.

Our service includes all necessary steps: From the recording of your event with our camera teams, up to the live streaming of the event on the internet and your intranet with our vServer. Because of our live chat application vInteract with question and voting features, we open up the possibility of collecting valuable feedback from your staff.

Broadcast your analyst and press conference live and safe on the Internet and involve the participants of your conference via vInteract or phone.

Inform and train your account managers working in field services with virtual sales briefings. This way, regional sales teams at different non-central locations or employees at their work desks at home can participate in the briefing via interactive live stream.


Our webinars allow you to reach customers, employees and partners worldwide at the same time. The production of the webinar can be done at your location or in our studio in Darmstadt. The number of connected participants is unlimited: The vsonix CDN ensures secure transmission even with large numbers of participants.

We provide optimized streams for different devices, so that smartphone and tablet users can watch the webinar anywhere. To integrate your audience, we provide our feedback channel vInteract ready with a chat and survey feature for your computer and smartphone.

Finally, we support you in the planning and preparation of the webinar and provide you with a subscriber registration, with statistics on the connected devices for your own personal monitoring.

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