Whether for external communication of companies, associations and parties or for internal communication: our webcast services and solutions are suitable for many communication tasks in different organizations. Take advantage of our offer for an attractive extension of your public relations as well as a direct line to investors and stakeholders such as customers, journalists and members.

We provide you with live broadcasting of meetings and other events, conducting press and analyst conferences virtually online, the recording of executive speeches, the online presentation of products and services as a webcast, and the production of high-quality corporate films and contemporary video casts.

Our virtual town hall meetings are particularly suitable for internal communication: with them, you can save on the time and cost of complex employee and member meetings. Our interactive application vInteract helps you with its question and survey feature to quickly and easily receive valuable feedback.

Our webcast services and solutions are suitable for the following application fields:

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// Highlights //

  • Easy mediation and presentation of your goals through corporate videos and webcasts
  • Ongoing communication with stakeholders through video casts and event reports
  • Interactive live broadcast of press conferences to extend your outreach
  • Cost-effective implementation of employee meetings with our interactive town hall meetings
  • Collecting valuable employee feedback through a simple question and voting feature

// Overview //

Townhall Meetings

Organize virtual town hall meetings of your executive board speeches and staff meetings, and reach your entire workforce with little time and money. Connect with employees, stakeholders and partners from any location live and interactive. With our town hall meetings, we have realized interactive online-meetings of different kinds and sizes for many companies. vInteract, our interactive app with question and voting functions, allows you to get valuable feedback in a straightforward manner

All in all, our comprehensive service package includes all the necessary steps: from the expansion of your network infrastructure, to the recording of the event by our camera teams, to the live streaming and hosting of the recording.

Your benefits:

  • Direct communication with investors and interested parties through the broadcast of interactive meetings, quarterly reports and conferences
  • Cost-effective implementation of employee meetings through our interactive town hall meetings
  • Collecting valuable employee feedback with the help of an intuitive question and voting function
  • Full Service including the recording by our camera crews
  • On request: Provision of tools and equipment for your own personal production
  • Secure, encrypted live broadcast on the internet through our servers

Public Relations

Make your current public relations more effective with our film productions and webcast services:

Make your current public relations more effective with our film productions and webcast services: Present your organization in a high-quality image film, report regularly on your current activities, events or exhibition appearances by video casts and event reports, or stream the introduction of your new products live on the internet.

Allow your executive board to talk about the company┬┤s current goals via online presentation and broadcast your press conferences live on the internet to be able to address a wider group of journalists and interested parties.

With the vPlayer, which is hosted and tailored by us and adapted to your corporate design, your videos and live streams can be easily integrated to your website. We also handle all relevant social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for you.

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Investor Relations

Our webcast services are a valuable tool for the financial communication of your investor relations department:

Broadcast your annual general meeting live and involve your shareholders interactively, using our application vInteract with question, feedback and voting functions.

Record your quarterly reports as an online talk with CEO and CFO or as an online presentation with all the key financial data, so that you can communicate directly and in high quality with your investors.

Broadcast your analyst conferences live and securely on the internet and connect the conference participants interactively with vInteract or via phone.

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